Saturday, June 30, 2007

Doug Burr - On Promenade

Label: Velvet Blue Music/Spune Productions
Release date: Summer 2007

On Promenade is one of those albums where if you pick three songs as your favorites, you feel like you're cheating on the other ones. This album is one of those rare gems where every track is strong, chock full of hooks and great songwriting. If Doug Burr's not your new favorite singer/songwriter, it's because you haven't heard of him yet.

Doug Burr is truly a craftsman. On Promenade is 11 tracks carved by experience and stained by faith. The opener "Slow Southern Home" takes charge from the onset. It is the crown jewel of this record, and in my opinion defines Doug Burr as an up-and-coming star in this genre. This song makes you long for the simpler, more innocent times of your past. It conjures up some sad images and infuses some joy for good measure. I love the chorus in this song as it swells alongside the sound of the harmonica.

"Graniteville" is a slow ride in the open country. The lightly strummed guitar, heartfelt vocals, twang, and the gradually intensifying chorus will send chills up your spine:

Wake up baby, there's a train coming. Don't you know how much I love you?

"In The Garden" is the most upbeat tune on the record. It seriously rocks. Or, at least it comes pretty close to rocking. This will be the song that will have you kickin' up your heels as well as singing along.

"Always Travel Light" is so singable and country-inspired that it could easily be the video of the week on CMT and wouldn't sound out of place at all.

Doug Burr is Rocky Votolato without the angst. He's every bit as good of a songwriter too. His vocal style has a hint of Johnny Cash. Most of all, Doug Burr injects just enough hope and light into his songs and still keeps it real by keeping a somber tone. After all, we still live in a pretty dark world.

You could describe Doug Burr's songs as being down-home country, alt-country, indie, folk, indie-folk, or whatever category you like. One thing is for sure: Doug Burr's brand of music doesn't make you feel at home. It takes you home.
Listen to songs from On Promenade here.


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