Saturday, June 02, 2007

Silver Cities - Power and Strife

Label: Velvet Blue Music

Release date: 5/29/07

This CD should have one of those medical warnings on the cover: "Please consult a doctor before beginning a regimen of Power and Strife by Silver Cities." This CD is straight-up rock n' roll that doesn't give you a break with a slow tune. I don't dance, but I do take walks every day with my mp3 player. As I was listening to "Power and Strife", I noticed it had me walking faster...and faster...and faster. I didn't get a cool down while listening to this album. My doctor would be thrilled.

Power and Strife takes the three best songs from their debut EP, "Fast Forward", "The Emergency", and "Impressionable". The songs sound pretty much the same except for some new organs or synths in the background. These songs were great on the EP, so I'm glad they didn't mess with them too much. To see these songs included on the full-length was a huge plus for me.

The opening track "Power and Strife" sets the tone that this record is gonna be a party and you're gonna have some fun. My favorites are "Kiss Killer", "Sound The Alarms", and "Impressionable". If you like to dance and sing then these tunes will not disappoint because they really get you moving. The two tracks that kinda get lost in the shuffle are "Dostoevsky's Tears", and "Terrible Lovers." These are good songs, but are a bit forgettable when packaged with 9 superb tracks that cast a pretty big shadow. The song "Beautiful Lie" speaks to me in a spiritual way (I think we've all been there before) about failure and redemption.

Silver Cities brings us 11 high-octane tunes that meld the best elements of 70s and 80s rock 'n roll. These are dance-floor compatible songs about greed, frustration, bad lovers, class struggle, and redemption. I have a great compliment to describe this record. You know those lame CD release parties where the band doesn't actually play and some obnoxious DJ just spins the record instead? Everyone is supposed to get drunk, dance, and pretend they're at an actual rock show. Well, Power and Strife is so good that it might actually be able to pull off a pretty cool CD release party. This band probably puts on a hot live show and hopefully I'll get to see them play someday.

Overall, the band has a fresh and unique sound that is very catchy and fun. The running time of the album is 32:10. But if you're not careful, you could easily look at your watch and realize you have been listening to this record for more than three hours. Listen to 4 tracks from Power and Strife here.



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