Saturday, August 11, 2007

June Panic - Raising the Canopy Wire 12"

Label: Burnt Toast Vinyl
Release Date: 3/6/2007
Format: 12" vinyl
Raising the Canopy Wire is one in a series of Burnt Toast Vinyl's one-sided 12" LP releases. To be honest, I really haven't liked the obscure direction BTV's releases have gone lately - mostly instrumental and more artsy than substanstial. However, this little 5 song acoustic gem is worth a listen. Previously, the only June Panic I've heard was the full-length Baby's Breadth - which I liked a lot. This 12" demonstrates the more delicate side of June Panic that you might enjoy while sitting around a campfire at dusk.
The 12" has one brand new song, acoustic versions of 2 songs from the full length Horror Vacui, and two cover songs.
1. Raising the Canopy Wire
2. Oh I Love Her So (Ramones)
3. David Poe
4. I'd Have To Be Crazy (Willie Nelson)
5. Baby Divine
The title track "Raising of the Canopy Wire" opens the album with June's Dylan-esque vocals grabbing your attention and driving the song with the guitar strumming holding steady underneath. It's a great new song. It's catchy and will have you singing along.
The Ramones cover is OK. I'd probably appreciate it more if I was more familiar with the Ramones. June does a good job of making this song his own especially since it was originally an old-school punk rock song.
"David Poe" is also in the category of just being OK. It's not great nor horrible. It's the track that loses your attention for brief moments while it's playing.
The Willie Nelson cover is fantastic. I'm not even close to being a Willie Nelson fan so my hat's off to June for taking this song and putting his own sound to it. The guitar work is delicate and just a bit quirky. It works for this song because the changes keep your attention throughout the song. The somber tone makes it a good song choice for June's voice.
The closer, "Baby Divine", is the maybe the best song here. It's more upbeat and some catchy parts that will also have you singing.
Overall, this 12" is a good choice if you like the folk-acoustic-indie genre. It's some the best stuff available from a record label that has been declining in quality for years. Visit the June Panic Myspace page to listen.


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