Friday, October 05, 2007

Kissing Cousins - EP3

Label: Velvet Blue Music
Release Date: December 2006

This all-girl, no-nonsense band from L.A. has released their third EP and prove that they get better with each release (or should I say, "kiss"?).

Here's a kiss-by-kiss synopsis:

Track 1: "Weigh The Options". A mid-tempo tune that is brimming with lush string arrangements, sparse guitar parts, and somber vocals by Heather. These elements work together to set a formidable and unnerving mood that looms and swells throughout the song.

Track 2: "One-Eyed Woman". This rock song pulls no punches and sucks you in immediately. It's got the down-right-dirty vocals, driving guitars, and a singable chorus that drips of 1980s rock influences. Do I hear a flute in the background as well? Yes, this song has it all. Clearly, this is the best song of the four. It would be the obvious choice for a radio single. Damn, I wish I had a radio show.

Track 3: "Silhouettes". This is a live version of the song from their first EP. The track is basically unchanged, but the rawness of the live performance makes it even better than the original version. My guess is you'll like this version better too, especially if you haven't been able to catch a live show. The end of this live version is pretty amazing.

Track 4: "Take From Me". It's a slow-tempo tune with just voice and piano. The song is laced with simplicity, but is equally honest and meaningful. This song is effective because of the passionately sung vocals that convey a sense of sincerity and transparency.

There's nothing not to love about this band. Since they have released only EPs and no LPs, it's perfect listening for those of us who love great music but have short attention spans.

Hear some songs from EP3 at the Kissing Cousins Myspace page.

~John M.


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