Friday, December 07, 2007

Cheyenne - The Whale

Release date: 12/2007
Label: independent

The Whale
is not just an album. It's a hand-clappin', foot stompin' good time that could easily be the soundtrack of a movie set in an old west saloon.

Cheyenne creatively fuses elements of indie rock, country, and folk to create a sound that is a unique and refreshing slice of "americana". This band breaks your heart with a ballad and then a beer bottle with the very next song.

The opening track "The Whale" gets the hands clapping quickly with a sound reminiscent of Wilco's Being There. "Broken English", "The Fashion", and "The Army Marching Past" get the feet stompin' while showing off Cheyenne's indie rock swagger.

"Big Weather" is the best example of Cheyenne's "riding in the back of the pickup truck" brand of indie rock with a big chorus of Beau Jennings singing ("baby one of these days we're gonna send the weather back").

Heartbreakers "Cimarron River", and "The Curtain" are drenched in sincerity and infused with somber vocals, keys, and harmonica. These songs prominently display Cheyenne's folk-country sensibility better than any other tracks.

The Whale
leaves a lasting impression that pays homage to Dylan and Wilco while still creating something brand new for those of us who love catchy melodies that make you think of the heartland.
- John M.


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