Friday, December 07, 2007

PLUGGED'S TOP 5 of 2007

Some people celebrate the new year by watching a ball drop. I celebrate by revisiting my favorite music releases of the past year.

5. The Rosebuds - "Night of the Furies"
(Merge - apr/2007)
This album is much darker and moodier than the previous releases, which is why
I like it so much. Listen for hints of New Order and The Smiths in these songs. Also, Kelly is singing more (which is a good thing!).

4. The Dark Romantics - "Some Midnight Kissin"
(Lujo - feb/2007)
Yes, this album was constantly playing in my house and on my mp3 player this year. I never get tired of it. We drove three hours to see a live show last summer so you know I'm not kidding.

3. Doug Burr - "On Promenade" (VBM/Spune - sept/2007)
Who? Do your homework and read our review. He's from Denton, Texas and is a new favorite of PLUGGED. This was the biggest surprise of 2007. Outstanding music.

2. Menomena - "Friend and Foe" (Barsuk - jan/2007)
It's infectious, dark, and off-beat indie rock. This album is the cure for the music doldrums. It doesn't get any better than "Air Raid" and "Rotten Hell".

Best album of 2007.....and the winner is:

1. Richard Swift - "Dressed Up For The Letdown" (Secretly Canadian - feb/2007)
If you haven't heard of Richard Swift yet, then you must not listen to indie music.


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